We provide a comprehensive service to minimise energy costs and reduce energy consumption to mitigate exposure to rising energy and carbon costs.

Energy prices are continuing to escalate well above inflation and their volatility exposes  businesses to significant risk.  Carbon legislation is an increasing cost, both directly levied within the energy bills and levied as carbon allowance purchases. S2M’s team provides a range of expert services to mitigate these rising costs including:

Energy Tariff Analysis, Forensic Bill Investigation and Energy Procurement

  • Tariff analysis to assess the infrastructure used to procure energy against the profile of energy consumption and define structural options to minimise present and ongoing costs.
  • Forensic bill investigation on historic bills assesses the wide range of elemental charges for potential incorrect billing.  Recoveries are made as credits to future bills, or as cheques/BACS returns to the client.
  • We monitoring the energy market and manage energy procurement in order to gain the most competitive fixed, flexible and basket prices depending on the client and the market position.

Energy and Carbon Monitoring

  • Bureau energy management and monitoring and targeting systems to provide regular management reports on energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Smart metering, AMR systems and management of analysis and reporting of opportunities.

Carbon Legislation

  • Development of carbon management plans providing 5 year carbon reduction strategies.
  • Management of Climate Change Agreements, EUETS and Carbon Reduction Commitment reporting.
  • Production of EPCs, DECs and Air Conditioning Inspections to meet legal requirements.

Energy/Carbon Surveys

  • Comprehensive, instrumented energy surveys to establish the performance of building and engineering services to identify the opportunities to deliver financial savings through operational, low cost and capital investment measures.
  • Feasibility studies for infrastructure upgrades to optimise heat, power and energy provision/use.
  • Feasibility studies into low carbon infrastructure and renewable energy production.

Project Management and Implementation of Low Carbon Strategies

  • Assessment and optimisation of BMS controls to deliver fast track savings.
  • Implementation of energy efficiency upgrades to provide guaranteed savings.
  • Training and behavioural change campaigns to deliver operational and no cost savings.

Low Carbon Building M&E Services Design

  • The design, specification and project management of low carbon mechanical and electrical services for new buildings and building refurbishments. This extends from single services such as heating or lighting upgrades through to the construction of new buildings in association with the architect and professional team. Provision of BREEAM assessments, many of our buildings have achieved very good and excellent BREEAM ratings.