The Company

S2M Ltd was incorporated in 2006 to offer a personal, risk free, contingency based, analysis service covering both direct and indirect costs.

We offer our clients an assurance on two fronts; “you pay for goods and services only once, and what you pay is strictly in accordance with agreed terms”. Over the years our team of talented analysts from various business backgrounds have been responsible for discovering and recovering £millions of lost profits returning significant bottom line benefits to our clients. In conjunction with carefully chosen sub-contractors S2M also provides future savings and on-going bill validation services.

The scope of our activities includes all direct and indirect costs, goods for resale, VAT, and category specific specialist services for property, electricity, gas, water and telecoms. All services are designed to be non-intrusive allowing client staff to focus on their day to day responsibilities. We ensure our work has no adverse impact on the client/supplier relationship, and only make contact with suppliers once the client has given us authorisation to do so.

All of our reports and analysis are carried out in the UK and not sent out of the country making the extraction of data and assistance, if required, and easy to do process. Through the application of leading edge data mining tools, we normally examine the last five to six years’ transactions to identify potential duplicate and erroneous payments. Acting as a ‘ghost service provider’ we contact suppliers and recover any duplicated or over payments. Typically, the industry has shown an average recovery of 0.05% to 0.1% of the value of accounts payable spend.

Additionally, we use highly skilled analysts to examine our clients supplier contracts to identify areas of potential financial benefit. Usually these would be clauses such as retro’s, rebates, volume discounts, key performance indicators, penalty clauses, etc.

Once identified we examine the suppliers invoices and documentation supporting the contract to ascertain whether these clauses have been adhered to by the supplier or claimed by the client. We then report our findings to the client and recover any monies where possible.

The Founders

The founders of the company have over 50 years of experience within finance and IT.

Simon Bates (Managing Director) and Mario Di Cesare (Director of Operations)

Simon and Mario have over 50 combined years experience in the recovery audit industry, successfully overseeing recoveries in more than 75 companies/organisations. They have successfully managed assignments across a wide range of business sectors, public, private, charity, large and small. Between them they have led projects working on behalf of major financial institutions, numerous public sector bodies, several blue chip household names, as well as many mid-size companies. They have audited accounts payable values in excess of £1Billion per annum and transaction volumes greater than 1 million per annum.

Simon Bates
Simon BatesManaging Director
Mario Di Cesare
Mario Di Cesare Director of Operations