Our unique contingency-based service designed to help your business survive these unprecedented times.

Did you know on average for every £1m spent, £1k has been double paid? That means, your business could be losing out on some much-needed funds. We typically look back over the past 5 years to help recover lost profits with minimal interference to your day-to-day operations. It’s our contribution to social distancing.

And what’s more? We take all the risk. How? No success, no reward, we simply share in the value that we create for you.

Triage is the vehicle to identify & recover money that you have unknowingly spent over the years. If your company spends on average £50m a year for 5 years, we can find and recover £250k. Imagine discovering £250k that will go straight to your bottom line?

Key features:

  • A self-funding service, carried out remotely
  • A ‘no success no fee’ service
  • Identification & recovery of cash incorrectly spent over the past few years
  • Cash that goes straight to your bank account
  • Discovered profit that drops straight to your bottom line

The 3 key services of TRIAGE are:

Duplicate Payments Recovery

VAT Input Tax Reclaim

Contract Compliance Reviews

To fully understand exactly what we do, and to read about our successes to date, click on the above links.

You will not be disappointed. In fact, ‘astonished’ is more likely!