Duplicate Recovery

S2M Ltd use 5 simple steps enabling them to Analyse, Validate and Recover "lost profits" direct to your bottom line.

S2M’s vast experience has shown that every large organisation makes duplicate or overpayments. Sometimes these are discovered internally, sometimes these are highlighted by suppliers, but usually they remain undiscovered and eventually become “lost profits”. Through the application of leading edge data mining technology and highly skilled staff S2M can help recover these hidden losses.

We normally examine the last three to four years’ transactions to identify potential duplicate payments. Acting as a ‘ghost service provider’ we contact suppliers and recover any duplicate payments. Typically the industry has shown an average recovery of 0.05% to 0.1% of the value of accounts payable spend

S2M use a simple 5 step process to enable us to get the best results.

  1. Data Acquisition
    A simple download of the relevant years transactions is presented to S2M in any format.
  2. Analysis and Identification
    Our data mining software runs a series of test reports and algorithms to identify potential duplicate or overpayments to suppliers
  3. Validation of Potential Claims
    S2M analysts will check the validity of each claim by means of “read-only” access to your accounts payable system. We would then present a results listing for your review and approval. This is not for you to check our work but to ensure we speak to only those suppliers you wish us to. This enables you to have complete control of the project.
  4. Recovery of Duplicates or Overpayments
    Following your approval our trained analysts will communicate with each relevant supplier to pursue the recoveries until a recovery is made. Ie. Credit note, Bacs, or cheque refund. Progress is continually monitored and we will provide regular updates and reports of the recoveries in process.
  5. Final Report and Recommendations
    To conclude our assignment we will produce a report highlighting any identified “significant” failings in systems or controls, together with our recommendations for improvement

All communication and correspondence is carried out using your letter headed paper and pre-approved worded letters signed by your managers This is a contingency based service and therefore any invoicing will only occur once a recovery has been benefited from.


Finance company

Added £1m straight to the bottom line, just when we needed it.

Service company

Savings had the same impact as an additional £5m in revenue.

Diversified Group

Enabled us to show some quick wins from acquisitions.

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Duplicate Recovery

S2M Ltd use 5 simple steps enabling them to Analyse, Validate and Recover "lost profits" direct to your bottom line.

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