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Profit is delivered straight to the customer’s bottom line.

About Us

We are specialists in cost recovery, we know what we’re doing and we do it very well.

Our team have discovered and recovered £millions of lost profits returning significant bottom line benefits to our clients.

We support advanced data mining technology with traditional accounting skills to provide a service that delivers real value and is second to none.

S2M was incorporated to offer a personal, risk free, contingency based, analysis service covering both direct and indirect costs. We offer our clients an assurance on two fronts; “you pay for goods and services only once, and what you pay is strictly in accordance with the agreed terms”.

The scope of our activities includes direct and indirect costs, goods for resale, property, energy, water and VAT, and is designed to be low impact and non-intrusive. We ensure our work has no adverse impact on the client /supplier relationship, and only make contact with suppliers once the client has given the go-ahead.

Through the application of leading edge data mining products, we normally examine the last three to four years’ transactions to identify potential duplicate payments. Acting as a ‘ghost service provider’ we contact suppliers and recover any duplicate payments. Typically the industry has shown an average recovery of 0.05% to 0.1% of the value of accounts payable spend.

Recent news

S2M win Major Contract with a leading UK High Street Retailer

Simon Bates, S2M Managing Director, commented that key to being awarded this contract was our integrated and flexible approach to the delivery of a broad range of profit recovery and future savings services including duplicate…

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Energy and Carbon Reduction

We provide a comprehensive service to minimise energy costs and reduce energy consumption to mitigate exposure to rising energy and carbon costs.

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Water Audit

S2M’s specialist water service includes: bill analysis and invoice validation, leak detection and repair, surface water highway drainage, Trade Effluent and efficiency auditing.

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Contract Compliance

S2M analysts will complete a detailed examination of any key contracts and ensure that what you've paid for is what you get. This is not a cost reduction exercise.

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Duplicate Recovery

S2M Ltd use 5 simple steps enabling them to Analyse, Validate and Recover "lost profits" direct to your bottom line.

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Property Review

Rent, Rates, Service charges, Insurances, etc. Our highly skilled property experts will analyse these costs and recover any over expenditure.

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Vat Recovery

Our VAT experts examine the data we receive to investigate any unclaimed VAT amounts and assist in recovering them.